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Who we are

We provides full collection services for all types of ship waste ranging from bin liners full of waste to huge volumes of ballast water and from small-scale packaged waste to heavy fuel oil. We have comprehensive tank trucks for optimal collection and transportation. We are subscribed to COAST WASTE OIL TRANSPORTERS ASSOCIATION for disposal and recycling of waste. This is a group of waste oil transporters who came together to form an association and set up a recycling plant to enables us dispose and recycle waste hence being fully licensed and certified by NEMA. All our staff members are insured against accidental injury arising from occupational risks & duties under the Work Injury Benefit Act (WIBA). Third Party risks are covered under Public Liability and Employers Liability (Common Law).

What We Do

We would be grateful to be considered as your service provider for the and wish to inform you that we shall abide by your rules and regulations as pertaining to environmental legislation and regulations that are required by law.

Garbage collection | Slops Disposal | Removal of Waste oil | Removal of Bilge Water | Tallying Clerks | Provision of Gangs | Lashing or unlashing | Loading services | Inspection services | Cargo discharge superintendence | Ships security | Hazardous waste collection & transportation | Tank cleaning services | Supply of Fresh Water

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