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We provide our clients with the following services in close cooperation with local authorities:

Sludge / bilge-and oily water disposal arrangements
Dirty ballast water disposal arrangements           
Tank and cargo residues disposal arrangements
Tank cleaning arrangements
Sludge survey arrangements
Clinical Waste Removal
Contractor Logistics Support
Fresh Water supply
Cellular/Mobile Phone Rental
Garbage Disposal
Hazardous Waste Removal
Casual Workers
Loading / Unloading Operations
Local Purchases
Mobile Cranes & Forklifts
Security Services
Slops Removal
Spare Parts
Stevedores Service
Marine Surveyors
Act as the single contact point at the port, when owners/ship managers have a sludge and garbage removal request for their vessels at the port of Mombasa.
Provide owners/ship managers the draft and/or standard of the sludge oil collection contracts at the port of Mombasa, where the certificate of disposal
oil/sludge collection will be issued.
Co-ordinate closely with owner/ship manager for their updated fleet list and ensure local sludge removal vendors update their local filing and registration accordingly.
Support ships masters at the port with 24/7 secretarial and administrative services, when the contract have been in place.
Settle with local sludge vendors the costs of the sludge discharge upon completion of each sludge removal operation at the port.
Full set of documentation will be provided to the owner/ship manager within 48hrs upon completion of each sludge removal operation. The certificate of disposal, signed by the pollution department at the port will be issued.
In some cases the oil sludge removal contract must be signed directly between owners/ship managers and local vendors, We are therefore not in a position to sign it on behalf of owners/ship managers but will coordinate this processing through our channel in order to finalize the contract signing by both parties.

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